Atari Logo

Logo is a fun language that was created to teach new programmers. The language was developed in 1967, the word logo derived from the Greek logos, meaning thought. Atari’s version was released in 1983. Logo is best known for its “turtle graphics” — where the programmer can draw lines and shapes by controlling an on-screen “turtle.” In Atari’s version the turtle looks like an actual turtle (as opposed to a triangle in other versions), and in fact you can control up to four turtles.

Tell the bot that your program is in Logo (as opposed to one of the other languages it supports) by starting your tweet to it with {L}

The rest of the tweet will be your logo program, with each line of code on a new line.

The bot runs Logo code in immediate mode. With the other languages that the bot supports, your tweet must contain a complete program that is then run. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, really, except to know that you don’t need to deal with building Logo procedures (although you can if you want to.)

If you want to learn the basics of programming in Logo, Atari’s Introduction to Logo pamphlet is a great place to start. You can get deeper into the language with the Atari Logo Reference Manual.