Action! is a powerful programming language that is unique to the Atari 8-bit computers. According to our friends at AtariWiki, “Action! [was] written by Clinton Parker and sold by Optimized Systems Software (OSS) in ROM cartridge form starting in August 1983. It is the only language other than BASIC and assembler that had real popularity on the platform and saw any significant coverage in the Atari press; type-in programs and various technical articles were found in most magazines.”

“Action! uses a greatly cut-down version of the ALGOL syntax, and thus bears strong similarities with Pascal and C… Like those languages, Action! is procedural, with programs essentially consisting of a large collection of functions that call each other.”

In order to tell Atari8BitBot that your program is in Action! (as opposed to the other languages it supports) the first word of your tweet must be {C}

The bot runs version 3.6 of Action! The Action! Toolkit, a disk containing variety of useful INCLUDE-able routines, is available on D:

The official Action! manual is available as an online reference. Lots more info about the language is at AtariWiki.